Auxnet is the genesis implementation of Auxledger infrastructure and acts as zeroth tier blockchain implementation. It is an open blockchain network, built with enterprise grade security, privacy and scalability to perform the role of the “heart” in the Auxledger ecosystem and is capable enough to fulfil the requirements that have been listed in the multi-tier blockchain network architecture. As a public blockchain network, Auxnet, is built with following design goals stated below:

  • Act as an infrastructure to build powerful DApps interacting with multiple networks and services.
  • Powering organizations to deploy a hybrid blockchain network on top of Auxnet.
  • Providing a sustainable network through robust and sustainable economic incentivization.
  • Acting as a source of consensus for all networks deployed in the ecosystem and regulating the same.


Auxnet targets to bring on board large enterprises and entrepreneurs to build consortium networks by providing reliable infrastructure and support to realize the potential of distributed applications in daily operations. Our vision will successfully implement the full potential of the blockchain, where a decentralized application can sit over connecting networks and be logically driven by communicating through a multitude of blockchain networks.

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