Auxesis started the internal project in 2017, with the idea of implementing blockchain network for one of the world’s largest democratic country and to act as a value chain for the country’s economy, enabling trust, transparency and efficiency in various business processes. During its operation, with the support of the Indian state governments, Auxesis team has onboarded a population of 53 Million users on its government operated blockchain network. The blockchain network was designed with the highest technical standards and with an in-built ability of executing robust smart contracts and deploying mass scale networks.

During the implementations of blockchain on larger scale and the trials with the enterprises and governments, the Auxesis team realized that the basic elements and capabilities were missing from the Blockchain and thus hindered the adoption for the mainstream business processes. Solving the puzzle of these missing pieces of technology (not offered by any blockchain project in the world) “gave birth” to the Auxledger Foundation.

After the “birth” of the Auxledger Foundation, the Auxesis team has further analysed complex business use-cases and after summing up with on-going research, it has built a design of the next generation blockchain infrastructure which is robust, secure and is able to support real-life complex business scenarios.

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