Technology infrastructure acts as a significant role while building a scalable platform. The infrastructure must provide a sufficient level of flexibility for developers to choose and adopt core protocols for the platform while designing it. Also, the infrastructure must empower an application to allow high performance during its runtime execution. While discussing specifically about building Blockchain platforms, an infrastructure is required which allow multiple tiering of networks, interchain communication while ensuring the entire ecosystem being trust-free and data integrity is maintained at its best.

Over the past 3 years, while building and deploying blockchain networks for governments and large enterprises, the Auxesis team has revealed significant findings, followed by research-based analysis. By managing to solve all the business challenges encountered at first hand, the Auxesis team has gained the ability to propose an infrastructure which is reliable, secure and that meets the requirements of the complex business needs of today’s world.

The paper intends to propose a one of its kind Blockchain infrastructure which caters the high scalability requirements of businesses and thus introduces readers with the following:

• Background of Auxledger infrastructure with proposed implementation of a powerful virtual machine aligned with horizontally scalable micro-services-based architecture
• The core offerings and protocols, ability of building hybrid multi-tier network and allowing a full consensus based interchain operability.
• Introduction of Auxnet, a public Blockchain network and genesis implementation of Auxledger, ensuring the data integrity across chain.
• Mathematical modelling for a self-regulating economic ecosystem with the ability to dynamically control Gas supply depending upon network’s demand.

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