Advantages of Proposed System

Aadhaar Chain is the proposed Blockchain based citizen’s repository platform acting as a single consolidated database solution for every Indian. Aadhaar Chain will act as a base infrastructure layer which can with ease integrate with nation’s other products and services while opening up an easy & secure way to build new powerful applications. The platform proposes to fully leverage the system of Aadhaar – the Indian resident data hub. The system is to be designed in a fully compliant manner ensuring it adheres with JAM Trinity, integrated with nation’s identity while mapping its citizen to various country schemes.

As a consolidated database, Aadhaar Chain will act as a simplified dashboard for citizens and stakeholders to give a bird’s eye view on different aspects of a person. Aadhaar Chain can potentially link with citizen’s public benefit & subsidies availed, electronic health record, family & personal financial records, educational background, birth & death database, reported allegations & crime among many other potential records of utmost importance.

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