Issues in Current System

‘The most sophisticated ID program’ comes with several challenges.

1. Aadhaar related Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Concerns
Aadhaar improvised the proceedings of DBT benefits and commenced a pilot program for LPG subsidies where the customers had to buy at full price, and the subsidy would be then directly credited to their Aadhaarr-linked bank accounts. This scheme, however, did not take off, and in September 2013 a Supreme Court order put a halt on it. The major concern being lack of penetration and authentic record retrieval issues due to which many residents faced several issues getting the Aadhaar verification number.

2. Aadhaar-enabled biometric attendance systems were introduced in government offices for public to see the functioning of government officials but the system leakages due to lack of traceability and auditability resulted in inefficiency of the system.

3. Feasibility Concerns: India is the largest democracy and the second most populous country in the world and hence, to reach every individual bordering the country is an everest to climb.

4. Concerns over the quality of the biometric data being collected – To meet the projections of reach, many Aadhaar related issues have been reported. The quality sure is compromised in certain aspects.

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