Advantages of Auxledger over existing blockchain solutions

Well, even though this is of course a step in the right direction, things are still far from perfect. Auxledger, aims to take a step forward and solve the few challenges associated with the current nascent blockchain technology.

  • Interoperability between different Healthcare Organizations: The proposed blockchain solution will isolate the healthcare organizations from each other, not allowing them to interconnect when required. For example: To involve needful citizens in the state-sponsored schemes, Govt. Organizations need data that they can fetch from other healthcare providers which can be achieved with the help of Auxledger as it offers interoperability between different networks.
  • Transaction cost independent of market dynamics: Auxledger is a Hybrid Blockchain Network with transaction cost much of a private network, and data reliability of a public network. Moreover, Ethereum/Bitcoin-based transaction cost is dependent on market dynamics whereas the self-regulating economic model of Auxledger proposes simple gas philosophy i.e. “ “no limitations, pay only for what you consume” and doesn’t depend on the market dynamics.
  • No need to compromise privacy: According to the proposed blockchain solution, giving access to your ledger to the other nodes, you will have to strike down your wall of privacy. Whereas, Hawk Model of Auxledger lets the user decide the same.

    For detailed insights, refer to Auxledger whitepaper- Here.

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