Advantages of Auxledger over existing Blockchain

Blockchain in its infancy is evolving with time. Auxledger aims to solve the problems faced in existing blockchain technology by :

  • Enhanced security: Auxledger is a more secure platform. Ethereum platform was vulnerable to attack but Auxviom provide more security in smart contracts  due to the consolidated implementation of LLVM, k-framework and defensive programming.
  • Transaction cost: The transaction cost is independent of market dynamics unlike ethereum/bitcoin. Auxledger provides a self-regulating economic model and has a philosophy “no limitations, pay only what you consume” and it doesn’t depend on market dynamics.
  • Transaction speed: The transaction per second in Auxledger is about thousands and can even reach about 100,000, which allows it to support large-scale commercial application better than the speed of Ethereum (which has about 30 transactions per second) and Bitcoin( which has about seven transactions per second).
  • Data privacy: To enhance the data privacy Auxledger uses combination of two different models. This will ensure that the data will be encrypted and hence integrity is maintained.

    For detailed insights on Auxledger Infrastructure, refer to our whitepaper, Here.

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