Auxledger over Existing Blockchain Solutions

While building a gigantic repository like proposed data integrity, immutability and security becomes a concern of vital importance. There have been major data breaches and identity theft cases reported globally in past which has led to a disastrous security and privacy concerns. Keeping this in mind, Auxledger Infrastructure has made tremendous advances to further secure the entire platform system. Repository will be built in form of distributed database records; all information being encrypted at highest standards while being accessible only through a set of cryptographic keys.

1. Interoperability & Cross-Chain communication – One the biggest challenges observed in the current blockchain infrastructure,ethereum for example, is lack of

2. Updation Speed and Costs: Transaction speed of existing blockchain like ethereum is very slow. Moreover, the cost depends on the market dynamics. Whereas,The self-regulating economic model of Auxledger proposes simple gas philosophy i.e. “no limitations, pay only for what you consume”, and doesn’t depend on the market dynamics. This will solve the major challenge in time taken to update one’s Aadhaar, for example; change in residential address, updating telephone number, etc.

3. Data privacy: To enhance the data privacy Auxledger uses combination of two different models. This will ensure that the data will be encrypted and hence integrity is maintained. Data manipulation by corrupt officials will be kept in check.

The possibilities of new development grow multi-fold enabling new products and services being built easily in a safe and secure environment.  Aadhaar Chain will act as a robust and scalable Blockchain infrastructure which can in-interface with Aadhaar system acts as a value chain for Indian citizens and drive forward a trillion-dollar economy.
For detailed insights on Auxledger, refer to our whitepaper – Here.

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