Auxledger: The Third Generation Blockchain Infrastructure

The Third Generation Blockchain is a generation empowered with hybrid networks where businesses can enjoy the scalability, security and privacy of a private blockchain while maintaining the ability to provide data integrity and maintain consensus through cross-chains at the same time. These networks can be deployed on a multi-tier basis, where millions and millions of blockchain networks are able to communicate swiftly. A network supported by improved virtual machine able to process transaction and information in a more reliable environment. ‘Auxledger’ is being created as an infrastructure supporting third-generation features that is necessary for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

At the heart of Auxledger we have designed a powerful enterprise grade public blockchain network that will be the genesis implementation of Auxledger infrastructure; supporting the creation of multi-tier networks and handling consensus while allowing inter-chain interoperability.

The network is being secured and incentivized by 2 native token implementations:
• AuxChips: Provides administrative access to the Auxnet (including mining new AuxGas) and has the ability to create tiered networks.
• AuxGas:Fuels the Auxnet to empower computation, ensuring consensus among tiered networks and has the ability to enable interchain operability.

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