Advantages of Auxledger over existing blockchain solutions

There are thousands of potential financial institutions who can sanction loan on Invoice.

To claim 100% fraudulent-proof system, you need to bring every potential investor onto your platform, which is nearly impossible.

  • Interoperability between different Financial Institutions: With Auxledger, every financial institution without risking its privacy can run its own blockchain along with the assurance of no fraud.The architecture of Auxledger blockchain allows inter-chain and cross-chain transaction following which banks can interconnect negating any fraudulent activities.
  • Transaction speed and cost: Transaction speed of existing blockchain like ethereum is very slow. Moreover, the cost depends on the market dynamics. Whereas,The self-regulating economic model of Auxledger proposes simple gas philosophy i.e. “no limitations, pay only for what you consume”, and doesn’t depend on the market dynamics.

    For detailed insights on Auxledger Infrastructure, refer to our whitepaper – Here.

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