Issues in current system

  • Manual/Paper driven process: As the complete healthcare system is not digitized we still have complete “patient to prescription” cycle on paper or in bits and pieces.
  • Siloed non-interacting systems: Those healthcare providers/hospitals which have IT systems are designed such that they can’t interact with other systems in same hospital/network or with the affiliated labs.
  • In-accurate diagnosis/prescription: If the patient changes his healthcare provider/hospital then the chances of partial/in-accurate diagnosis and prescriptions are much as his clinical history is not easily available and if available it’s not in the standard format to interpret it well.
  • Supply chain leakages: Pharmacies associated with particular healthcare provider/hospital don’t have accurate and current patient data thus the system is not able to predict what surgical/pharmaceutical inventory is needed and results in over/understock.
  • Fraud prone ecosystem: Globally the total cost of insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year. The fraud categories range in the form of  fraudulent claims, subsidized medicines is sold in an open market, patient data theft, counterfeit medicines/drugs.
  • Delays/Frauds and lack of audit in Government schemes:  The Public healthcare system is most hampered because of not being able to identify the need of a patient and providing them customized services. Current manual or disconnected system has very inefficient auditability.

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