Issues in current system

  • Manual/paper-driven process: The process is not digitized, its a manual process and there are so many possibilities that the records could be altered or tempered.
  • Long process: The process is really slow it could take months to register a land with too much bribery involved.
  • Access of the record: The land property undergo several mutations over generations that are not always captured on public records. The records are stored in some government office, accessing to them will be a time consuming and cost incentive as it involves frequent visits and bribes.
  • Establishment of ownership: There are so many cases pending in Indian courts to deal with land-related disputes, most of which revolve around establishing ownership.
  • Land encroachment: Unutilised Land and the abandoned house in India are more vulnerable to encroachment. Land particularly of older people without primary support or of NRIs are prone to become soft targets and legal way of eviction is also time-consuming as well as a hectic process.
  • Land double registration: There are cases about the two or more registrations of the same land to the different people that they realized after several years (10-12 years), it generally happened in the 90s.
  • Technical errors: There were instances of technical error due to which the central server connectivity was halted and almost 500-600 land registrations were stopped.
  • E-registration: It has simplified the process for providing evidence of titles and facilitating transactions and also the process online but there is again server error due to which people can’t register online and helpdesk will be flooded by the customers.
  • Brokers: The broker system is not good, it cost too much to the buyer of land cause they pay for land and also the heavy broker fee. Also, there is some fake broker who miss sells the property to consumer (forged papers).
  • Transparency:  There are three stages in document registration – execution, presentation, and registration. People don’t face many problems in the first phase – execution, but they face practical difficulties during the second phase – presentation of documents because of fewer documents and not proper registration (that happened in the 90s) and also the official is not present in every step hence it is not transparent.
  • Corruption: There is too much corruption in land registration while doing the registry, like in the property stamp, making the process fast etc.

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