Current Solutions through E-registration

The government has implemented E-registration process to address some of these issues. The main benefit of this process is improved transparency and ease of accessibility.

  • It is extremely convenient to register a property using the internet as the registration form can simply be downloaded.
  • E-registration has simplified the process of providing evidence for titles and facilitating transactions and will go a long way in preventing the unlawful disposal of land.
  • The consumer pays a relatively affordable registration fee amount.
  • There is no need to visit multiple offices to register a property.
  • Details and documents pertaining to land records can be accessed online.
  • Transparency in the registration process increases significantly, hence reducing broker fees and negating the need of bribes to officials.
  • There is a software to calculate the stamp duty on the basis of the stored data which can be paid online directly.
  • This is a safe process since hacker has no access to the property papers of the owner and also there are multiple layers of security in the server.

Well, it gives a solution to some issues but there are several problems in E-registration system that needs immediate attention.

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