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Under the light of recent smart contracts that have been found compromised, Auxledger scripting language enforces defensive programming scheme to provide a better security. Defensive programming is a loosely defined collection of techniques to reduce the risk of failure at run time. The technique is to make the software behave in a predictable manner despite unexpected inputs, parameters or in case of internal error. From our experience in several works of safety analysis [6], we have identified aspects that are required to be verified in such applications and further, we have assembled the techniques which are proposed to be inbuilt in Auxledger scripting language. Scripting language will enforce the implementation output for different failure cases and thus providing overall security into the system.

Auxledger language is thus targeted to be built as a robust and secure platform with the implementation of techniques discussed for defensive programming and the secure runtime environment with inbuilt defensive constraints inside Auxviom to limit the unintentional activities to be executed.

[6] J. Almeida, S. Melnikoff, J. Camargo and B. Desouza, “Defensive Programming for Safety-Critical Systems”. Link:

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