Subnets Governance

All subnets in Auxledger ecosystem is directly or indirectly being regulated by the Auxnet core protocols for subnets governance. This is done to ensure that at any given point, data trust and integrity can be secured. Requirements for a node to deploy subnet and follow the below pointers:

• A participating node must hold sufficient number of AuxChips for successful operation of subnet. Total number of AuxChips requirement is dependent upon number of nodes in operation in the deployed subnet or any network that has been tiered upon the Auxnet connecting subnet. Lack in number of AuxChips will result into the connection loss by participating nodes on the tiered network.

• The Auxnet participating nodes (or subnet admin nodes) must broadcast checkpoint information including network health and status in encrypted format to the public blockchain network. The participating node is also responsible for collecting checkpoint data of all networks that maybe tiered upon the subnet and broadcast their bundled data to the Auxnet public network.

• Depending upon the size of subnet (including size of tiered networks on top of subnet) the network must nominate more numbers of participating nodes to ensure sufficient level of decentralization is always maintained in the network.

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