Auxledger over existing Blockchain Solutions

To realize the potential benefits of Blockchain, it is essential for this technology to meet the necessary deployment requirements.
Auxledger, over other existing platforms, gives benefits such of:

  1. Interoperability & Scalability – Allowing interchain communication between networks, Auxledger supports not just vertical scaling but also horizontal scaling making the overall network better integrated and leak proof. This multi-tier Networking of Auxledger will improve the scalability.
  2. Transaction speed and cost: Transaction speed of existing blockchain like ethereum is very slow. Moreover, the cost depends on the market dynamics. Whereas,The self-regulating economic model of Auxledger proposes simple gas philosophy i.e. “no limitations, pay only for what you consume”, and doesn’t depend on the market dynamics.
  3. Data privacy: To enhance the data privacy Auxledger uses combination of two different models. This will ensure that the data will be encrypted and hence integrity is maintained.

    For detailed insights on Auxledger Infrastructure, refer to our whitepaper, Here.

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